Waxing at Trend Setters Salon in Dubai

Professional Waxing Services at Trend Setters Salon in Dubai 

Our experienced therapists at Trend Setters Hair & Beauty Salon in Dubai offer expert waxing services for everyone.

We use internationally renowned Rica hot wax which is made from vegetable oils and resin extracts. This wax is well-suited for all skin types, including very sensitive skin.

We can safely remove hair using the highest hygiene standards on any part of the body, including legs, face, underarms, bikini line, back, chest, and full body.

If you’re ready for silky smooth skin with long-lasting results and reduced re-growth, give us a call at +971 50 9755 645 or complete our online booking form

Hot Wax Hair Removal Dubai

Hot Wax Hair Removal Dubai 

Rica Hot Wax is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins and each treatment is individually tailored with a unique selection of products and scents. Rica wax can remove the shortest of hairs leaving skin feeling soft, clean, and sensationally smooth. The special formulation makes waxing as painless as possible and the wax comes in a range of delicious flavours including strawberry, vanilla, pure olive oil, pomegranate, and honey.  

We recommend that clients receive a waxing service every 4 - 6 weeks to keep things looking smooth. Since waxing pulls hair from the roots, hair growth will reduce over time if you maintain a regular waxing routine.

Wax Hair Removal Dubai

Underarm Wax

Freshen up with an underarm wax and get summer-ready. We’ll use a light and refreshing cleanser on the area and then remove the hair with Rica hot wax. We’ll apply a hydrating moisturiser after the waxing service to ensure the skin stays soft and smooth. Underarm waxes brighten the skin and result in reduced hair growth. 

Hot Wax Hair Removal Dubai

Full Arm Wax

Our full arm waxing services at Trend Setters give you long-lasting results, removing unwanted arm hair to reveal the bright, beautiful skin beneath. Full arm waxes generally include waxing the entire arm from the shoulder down to the wrist. We can also include hands and fingers depending on your preferences. As always, the treatment will end with a nourishing moisturiser to protect the skin. 

Hot Wax Hair Removal in Dubai

Leg Waxing 

Leg waxing is another popular service, creating gorgeously polished legs. A full leg wax usually begins at the upper thigh and works to the ankles. A half-leg wax usually gets rid of hair above the knee and ankles, or from the upper thigh to the knee. 


Bikini, Brazilian & Hollywood Wax 

Our full bikini wax service removes hair from the sides of the bikini line and on top, creating a neat triangle shape, while the standard bikini line wax removes the hair that peaks out of underwear.

Our Brazillian wax services remove most of the hair below leaving just a small ‘landing strip’. The Hollywood wax removes all hair, leaving everything bare and your skin silky smooth. 

We use a gentle, refreshing cleanser before waxing to remove surface oils and then apply Rica’s avocado wax which is particularly nourishing and gentle for more intimate areas.  After we’ve removed the hair, we’ll add a soothing moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and soft. 

Hot Wax Hair Removal Dubai

Facial Waxing 

Facial waxing is a popular, quick service, ideal for getting rid of unwanted hair on the eyebrows, lips, cheeks, neck, and chin. We’ll use a nourishing, gentle Rica wax on the face area and add moisturiser to the area after treatment to speed up recovery and heal the skin. Over time, the hair will continue to reduce, resulting in a smooth, hair-free face. 

Hot Wax Hair Removal Dubai

Full Body Waxing 

Our full body waxing service at Trend Setters Dubai is designed to get you feeling confident in your skin. Areas include legs, arms, underarms, and bikini. Chat with your therapist at Trend Setters about which areas you would like to wax and we will tailor a specific waxing plan based on your needs. 

Hot Wax Hair Removal Dubai

Waxing for Men 

We specialise in waxing services for men too. Popular areas include eyebrows, chest, and back. All services are tailored to your skin type and unique needs. Explore our male grooming services

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If you’re ready to get lovely, smooth skin, book a waxing service with our therapists at Trend Setters. Give us a call at +971 50 9755 645 or complete our online booking form.