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Hair colour correction services neutralise unwanted shades and tones, helping you achieve a colour that makes you feel fabulous. Whether you’ve had a bad colour service at another salon or a DIY box job went terribly wrong, our colour technicians have a great deal of experience in colour correction. We’ll analyse your hair and create a tailor-made action plan that gives you a colour you LOVE.

When it comes to colour nightmares, our team have seen it all. There’s no reason to be embarrassed. Neutralising unwanted tones and blending your colour effortlessly is our forte. The quicker you make an appointment with our colour experts, the quicker we can get your locks back on track. Say goodbye to unwanted tones and hello to gorgeous locks that leave you feeling inspired!

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Hair Colour Correction Services in Dubai

When starting your hair colour correction plan, it’s essential to work with an experienced stylist who you trust.  Have a conversation where you clearly state your colour goals and we'll will advise you on the plan and timeline for the colour correction process.

Colour correction services take varying amounts of time depending on your needs. Some clients might see brilliant results in a single service, while others might need two or three sessions to get their hair where they want it.

For best results, we want your hair to be in optimal condition. While correcting hair colour, our team will also work to get your hair health in tip-top shape. This might include adding OLAPLEX  to the service. This allows us to nourish and repair your hair and protect it against future damage.

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From Brassy Hair to Classy Hair 

Brassy hair tones are characterised by an overabundance of warmer shades in your hair. This generally occurs after a bleaching or colouring treatment goes haywire. These shades are called 'brassy' because the colour turns to reveal yellow and orange shades in blonde hair and red and orange tones in brunette hair. Colours can turn brassy due to many factors. This includes colour mistakes, not using proper toner, too much exposure to sunlight or chlorine, and using the incorrect haircare products for coloured hair. 

Happily, the team at Trend Setters Hairdressing Dubai can transform your hair from brassy to classy. Using our expert colour knowledge, we'll analyse your hair and determine the best course of action. This might include safely reapplying bleach and adding the right toner.

Hair  Colour Box Dye Corrections in Dubai

Correcting DIY Hair Disasters

We've all been there: Wanting to change our hair colour on a whim and deciding to give a box colour a go. In the moment, you think you’ll enjoy some great cost savings and look just as fantastic as the model on the box. Sadly, box colours often turn out very differently and can leave you feeling frustrated with a hair colour that doesn't match your goals. 

Happily, that's where we can help. Our colour technicians have seen just about everything when it comes to colour mix-ups. We’ll sort it out in no time. After an in-depth colour-correcting consultation, we'll chat with you about our plan of action and create an incredible colour that you adore.

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Fixing Over-Processed Hair 

It’s been said that one can have too much of a good thing. This could be no truer than when it comes to bleach. Expert bleaching services with qualified colour technicians can create winning colour results. However, over-bleaching can cause damage and impact the integrity of your hair.

If your hair has been over-processed our stylists will devise a plan to repair your hair colour and prevent further damage. We will likely include a treatment plan in the colour correction service like the OLAPLEX system. This fixes damaged hair bonds and helps us to rebuild the structure, strength, and integrity of your locks. OLAPLEX treatments are a brilliant way to ‘reset’ your hair and get terrific tresses that optimise health.

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Correcting Balayage Disasters

Balayage is an incredible colour technique. Stylists hand-paint highlights onto hair to create a natural gradation of lighter shades from the mid-section towards the ends. While the technique creates an effortless, low-maintenance look, achieving it requires expert precision and experience.

All too often, at-home balayage attempts can result in disaster. If you've had a balayage mishap, our stylists will soon get your hair back to all its former glory. We'll create a bespoke balayage colour that embodies sun-kissed charm and leaves you feeling sensational.

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