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Hair Cuts & Styles and Male Grooming Services in Dubai

Hop on board the QE2 for our dedicated gents' hair and grooming services. From on-trend hair colours and modern hairstyles to beard styling, hair removal and male manicures, our men's hair and grooming services do it all.

Sit back, relax, and order a coffee, beer, or something a little stronger while our barbers take care of the rest. While you enjoy some much-needed 'you time', let us create a great hairstyle or hair colour or treat you to a relaxing male grooming treatment.

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Best gents' hairdressers in Dubai

High Fade & Low Fade Hairstyles

Fade haircuts are popular amongst our male guests. To achieve this styling technique, our barbers will taper your hair so that it is longer on top and gradually fades into your skin around the back and sides. 

The type of skin fade you choose will determine where the fade begins. The main difference between high fades and low fades is the exact position of your fade line.

Low fades show about an inch above your natural hairline, showcasing an even amount of skin around the ears and above the hairline. High fades are characterised by a larger area of exposed skin. 

men's hairstyles at Trend Setters in Dubai

Mohawks & Mullets

If you're looking for a more edgy look, you can't go wrong with a mohawk or mullet. The mohawk is created by shaving the sides of the hair and leaving a longer strip of hair that runs down the middle. This mid-section can be styled upwards for a bold look.  Mullets usually have shorter hair at the top and sides and longer locks at the back. 

tapered men's hairstyles at Trend Setters in Dubai

Tapered Hairstyles 

For a smart gent's hairstyle, consider a tapered look where the hair is a little longer on top and tapers to short hair around the back and sides. Tapered styles create a clear distinction between the top and sides of the hair, creating visual appeal and contrast. This type of hairstyle is popular thanks to its easy maintenance.

men's perms at Trend Setters Unisex Salon in Dubai

Perms for Gents

Perming is a popular service with our male clients with the latest trend for curls on top and shaved back and sides.  Perms are a great way to add extra movement and dimension to the hair, and we can create a range of styles from natural-looking waves to short curls. Your curls will typically last between 3-6 months.

Best Mens Haircuts at Trend Setters Hairdressing Salon Dubai


Much like fades, undercuts have length on the top but a much closer shave on the back or sides. Undercuts can enhance hair volume and showcase facial structure, making them a stylish and striking style. Our stylists will work with you to create a personalised look that suits your face shape and find a look that makes you feel confident. 

long hairstyles for men at Trend Setters Salon Dubai

Long Hairstyles for Men

If you prefer to wear your hair a little longer, consider having some layers added into your style to give it shape and movement.  Long hair takes a little more styling so our stylists will be happy to recommend the best products to help you take your hair from day to night! Gents with really long hair should consider coming in for a hair treatment to keep their locks healthy.

Hair colour for men at Trend Setters Dubai

Hair Colour

Why should women have all the fun when it comes to hair colour?  We have a growing number of male guests visiting us for hair colour.  From classic colours and grey coverage to bold creative shades, our colour technicians can create a colour you love. We always use the latest techniques and technologies to achieve incredible results.

hot towel shave at Dubai's best mens hairdressers

Signature Trend Setters Hot Towel Shave

Our signature Trend Setters Hot Towel Shave is a popular service that combines relaxation with beard grooming precision. During this treatment, we'll use a hot towel to soften the skin and hair before shaving your face and styling your beard. This is a relaxing treatment that gives you a closer shave and a more rejuvenating experience. Our barbers will also advise you on the best beard oils and shampoos to keep you looking FRESH. We can style a range of beards, including:

beard services on the QE2 floating hotel in Dubai

Full beard 

You won't lose much body or length with this service but we'll enhance the appearance of your beard, trim it to style, and treat the skin beneath to some TLC. This service makes your beard look neater and softer. 

Circle Beard

Circle beards are characterised by a moustache and goatee that meet neatly in a circle. Our expert barbers will create a sophisticated circle beard using the latest styling techniques. 

Hipster Beard

The modern hipster beard generally combines a neat beard and stylised moustache. We can create a range of hipster beard styles, including square beards, faded beards, and Salvador Dali-inspired looks.

Corporate Shaves

If you need a neat look for a corporate event or important meeting, we'll create a professional look that shows the world you mean business. Let us tailor-make a style to enhance your face shape and features.



Fed up with your hairy chest, stomach and back?  We can take care of all your waxing needs taking you from Hairy Hero to Mr GQ. Chat with our wax pros about all your waxing needs.


Manicures & Pedicures

Get your hands and feet looking sharp with our professional manicure and pedicure services for gents. We'll get your cuticles in nails in top-top shape and let you relax while your feet soak.

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