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Professional Hair Smoothing Treatments in Dubai

Your hair is your crown, and it deserves to shine! Voted as the Best Keratin Salon in Dubai by Time Out, Trend Setters know a thing or two about optimising hair health. Our professional-grade in-salon haif smoothing treatments heal and repair damaged hair, enhance moisture and hydration, add immediate shine, and reduce unwanted frizz. The result of these popular treatments? Gorgeous tresses with extra shine, strength, and smoothness. 

We offer a number of effective hair smoothing treatments and will be delighted to recommend the best option for your hair type, condition and desired results.  

As the top keratin treatment salon in Dubai, we're ready to elevate your hair health and create sensational silkiness and shine.

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Best hair smoothing salon in Dubai

What You Need to Know About Keratin Hair Treatments 

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that's found in our hair, skin, and nails. By infusing extra keratin into the hair cuticles we can smooth and strengthen the hair. 

During your appointment, our award-winning Dubai stylists will analyse your hair type, texture, and style and choose a keratin formula that delivers the best results for your unique needs. Some treatments are applied to wet hair and left to penetrate the hair strands while others are applied to the hair post-wash and blow dry. 

The Benefits of Keratin Hair Smoothing 

If your hair is feeling dull and damaged, keratin treatments inject much-needed life and lustre back in. Keratin treatments at Trend Setters Hairdressing Dubai have a wide array of brilliant benefits, including: 

  • Enhancing shine and giving you glossy, movie star hair
  • Strengthening hair and boosting hair health 
  • Minimising frizz 
  • Making hair more manageable 
  • Long-lasting results (between 6-10 months depending on hair type and condition)
  • Protecting hair against environmental damage like sunlight, chemicals, and pollution.

Choose Your Keratin Treatment at Trend Setters Hairdressing Dubai

We have a range of powerful keratin treatments available depending on your needs. Your stylist will create a personalised plan to address your hair concerns and achieve stunning results. 

best keratin treatments in Dubai at Trend Setters Unisex Salon

Global Keratin Hair Treatment

You can now enjoy easy-to-manage, healthy-looking hair for up to 5 months with our fabulous vegan Global Keratin Hair Treatment. 

Our GK Keratin Treatment is one of the most popular hair smoothing services at Trend Setters in Dubail.  This is a premium keratin treatment designed to repairs and reinforce damaged hair to leave it straighter and smoother.

The secret to this hair smoothing treatment is Juvexin, a plant-based keratin anti-ageing protein derived from Quinoa and Pea, which is extracted, processed and formulated in an environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free environment.

It is free of harsh chemicals such as formaldehydes, parabens, phthalates, and DEA/TEA. 


best keratin treatments in Dubai at Trend Setters Unisex Salon

Keratin Treatment 

Keratin treatments include a dynamic range of hair-healing formulas. Our stylists will create a bespoke treatment plan depending on your hair type, texture, damage levels, colour, and length. Keratin is infused deep into the hair cuticles during these treatments. Some treatments will be applied onto wet hair while others are applied after the stylist blow drys the hair. Once we've had an in-depth consultation with you, we'll advise you on the best treatment for your unique concerns. 

keratin treatments in Dubai at Trend Setters Unisex Salon

Brazilian Blowout Treatments 

Brazilian blowout treatments are great for those looking for a straighter finish and volume reduction. This semi-permanent haircare solution has hair softening and straightening effects, making hair shinier, healthier, and easier to manage.  Your stylist will wash your hair with salon-approved clarifying shampoo, dry the hair, and apply the treatment section by section, combing it through carefully. They'll let the treatment penetrate your hair and dry it a second time to lock in the keratin. Finally, they'll use a flat iron on your hair. 


best keratin treatments in Dubai at Trend Setters Salon

Nanoplastia Hair Smoothing

Our incredible Nanoplastia Hair Smoothing is a cruelty-free, formaldehyde-free, vegan hair straightening treatment that works on all hair types to give you silky smooth hair for between 6-10 months.  Safe and effective, this smoothing treatment will get rid of frizz,  repair damaged hair and leave your locks smooth and shiny.Nourishing microscopic particles containing hair-loving amino acids, vitamins and proteins will penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to repair and nourish from within. 

best keratin treatments in Dubai at Trend Setters Salon

Macpaul Hair Smoothing

Our Macpaul Keratin Hair Smoothing treatment straightens curly hair up to 3 levels, with results that last up to 3 months.  Keratin and amino acids are infused into the hair shaft and sealed in with a heated flat iron.  As well as realigning the hair cuticles for added smoothness and shine, this formaldehyde-free treatment has the added benefit of preventing hair colour from fading and yellowing,  


Keratin Treatment FAQs

What are the benefits of keratin treatments?


Keratin treatments heal hair from within, adding moisture, strength, protection, shine, and smoothness. They're ideal for those who are struggling with breakage, dullness, frizz, and excess volume.

How long do keratin treatments last?


Keratin treatments last anywhere between 4 - 10 months depending on which service you opt for, your hair type and condition, environmental factors, and at-home care.

What do I do if my keratin treatment gets wet?


If your keratin treatment gets wet before the 48-hour waiting period ends, blow dry your hair and straighten it immediately.

Do I have to wait 48 hours to wet my hair after a keratin treatment?


Yes. You should wait between 48 - 72 hours post-treatment to ensure that the keratin protein bonds with your hair.

I coloured my hair, can I still get a keratin treatment?


Yes. Unlike chemical relaxers, keratin treatments can be safely applied to coloured hair.

Can I swim in the ocean or pool after a keratin treatment?


Avoid any water for the first 48 hours. After that, you're welcome to live life as normal. Before jumping into the ocean or pools (and after 48 hours have passed) we recommend adding Global Keratin Leave-In Conditioner to your hair. After swimming, rinse your hair with a sulphite-free shampoo to get rid of any salt or chlorine.

Are keratin treatments safe?


Yes, treatments are generally safe. Chat with your stylist about formaldehyde-free options and avoid treatments if you are pregnant.

What is the best keratin treatment for me?


Our expert stylists will analyse your hair type and main hair concerns and advise on the best treatment for your unique needs.