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Professional Hair Treatments to Nourish and Strengthen Hair

At Trend Setters Retro Hair Salon we understand that great hair embodies total health, nourishment, strength, and shine.

You can have the best cut and colour in the world with your Trend Setters stylist, but if your locks aren’t healthy, they won’t look their best. On board the QE2 floating hotel, we offer a wide range of specially formulated hair conditioning treatments that transform your hair health and make a visible difference.

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Keratin Hair Treatments

Professional keratin treatments are a brilliant hair smoothing solution, eliminating frizz and adding shine. Our expert stylists will analyse the condition of your hair and suggest the best keratin treatment for your unique hair concerns. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in our bodies and hair. Adding it to our hair can enhance hair health and add incredible gloss, smoothness, and shine.

Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatments

During your Brazilian blowout treatment, your hairstylist will use liquid keratin to eliminate frizz and promote optimal shine. The scientifically formulated ingredients bond to the hair strands, creating a protective coating. Once the treatment is applied, your stylist will blow-dry the hair, straighten it, rinse it once again, and give it a final blow-dry. This process activates the chemicals, seals your hair cuticles, protects hair from future damage, and reduces frizz.

Nanoplastia Hair Treatments

This specialised nutrient-based hair repair system covers hair with a vitamin and mineral-enriched coating. This creates shiny, silky, frizz-free hair and protects hair from future damage for up to three months. This treatment also works to smooth and straighten hair and locks in extra moisture. It's a great choice for lacklustre, dehydrated hair.

OLAPLEX Hair Repair

OLAPLEX works at a molecular level and is one of the best hair treatments for chemically damaged hair. The system works to find and repair broken hair bonds and join them together. OLAPLEX works on a diverse range of hair types and textures and results in stronger, healthier, shinier hair. We will generally advise that clients receiving a colour service add OLAPLEX to their treatment to enhance hair health and prevent future damage.

Tackling Dandruff 

Dandruff is a common hair condition that can make us lose confidence. Our targeted dandruff treatments get to the root cause of the problem, enhancing scalp health through exfoliation and cleansing. This treatment works to minimise extra oil and prevent the buildup of future dandruff. Our stylists will advise on the best course of action and the number of treatments needed depending on your unique needs.

Hair Growth High-Frequency Treatments

If you want to encourage hair growth, our hair growth high-frequency service is a perfect option. During your treatment, your haircare expert will use low levels of electricity administered via a special machine to stimulate hair growth.  These treatments stimulate hair follicles and encourage the growth of new hair. They also boost circulation in the area and ensure that growing hair gets sufficient nutrition.

SOS Hair Repair 

Our intensive SOS repair treatments revitalise and repair damaged hair. This system is ideal for porous or brittle hair types that have been damaged due to over-processing or environmental damage. 

Hair Spa Treatments

If you’re looking for a nourishing and relaxing treatment, our hair spa treatments combine a luxurious massage with a nourishing hair treatment. This is a great option if you need some extra pampering while your hair gets the nourishment it deserves.

Caviar Therapy with Ampoule Treatment

Ampoules offer potent, targeted treatment options for a range of hair concerns. Our caviar therapy is rich in amino acids, boosting the softness and shine of hair and repairing it from the inside out.

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