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Is it suitable for any kind of hair? How long does it last? Does it damage the hair? If I have dyed or color-treated hair, will it fade? So many questions always pop up when it comes to keratin hair treatments. Before getting crazy and making a wrong decision, we answer all your doubts with professional help from the famous Trend Setters, which is one of the best for keratin treatments in DUBAI .

Keratin is famous, but what is it about? 

Keratin isn’t only a straightening treatment. It’s actually a protein that us, humans, and animals naturally produce to generate hair, nails, feathers, horns… A strand of hair is mostly composed of keratin, which nurtures it, balances its structure, protects it from outside aggression… And which we often damage with improper use of hair dryers, straighteners, colors or bleaching’s, thus weakening our hair.

With all the mistreatments we unintentionally inflict on our hair, it loses its shine and gets porous. That’s how experts came out with the idea of a keratin treatment, offering our capillary fibers its best chance to rehydrate.

“Keratin gives back proteins and vitamins, and regenerates a strong, gleaming hair”. “Keratin gives back proteins and vitamins, and regenerates a strong, gleaming hair”.

Can a keratin treatment damage the hair?

Rumour has it that the keratin process involves a lot of chemicals and that it damages the hair beyond repair when overheated. Well, according to Keratin Experts, this method belongs to an ancient era: “Nowadays, we replaced the original formalin with other chemicals that are not harmful to the hair”.

Quite the reverse, actually! Modern keratin nurtures the hair, rehydrates and “completely restores it”. Moreover, keratin is now usable with any kind of hair.

When is the best moment to have our hair treated with keratin?

Even though we could have answered “whenever” to this question, Trend Setters has a special hair tip for you : always do a keratin treatment after coloring or cutting the hair. That way, the ends are strong and healthy, and will perfectly respond to the treatment. And if we already had a keratin treatment done, “better wait about 15 days to do a color over it, and a month for highlights, so as to not to ruin the keratin effects”.

When is the best moment to have our hair treated with keratin?

A good quality keratin hair treatment can keep being effective for 3 to 4 months, so that it should be done about 3 times a year. TREND SETTERS has another secret to share on that matter: “by repeating a keratin cleansing after only two months (or two and a half months), we make it last two months more”. So that with two good keratin treatments in a row, you can shine a splendid hair for the whole year.

Which kind of keratin?

There actually are various types of keratin, as each kind of hair needs its personalized version. Some keratin treatments build their formulas with argon oil, which perfectly fits normal, dehydrated hair; some others use cacao components, the best option for fine, damaged hair. Apart from the varied components, keratin treatments can also vary intensity.

Can it be done at home?

Definitely not. “This treatment is exclusively for hair salon realizations, as it needs to be done with the right professional tools, adapted to the hair.” Here is why: a keratin hair treatment first starts with an alkaline shampoo to open the hair cuticle. Then, keratin is applied with a specific technique according to the type of hair and without touching the scalp not to sensitize it. Then, a professional and unique passing with a hair straightener closes up the cuticle. This is the most dangerous part, for we have to heat the iron to 230ºC and thus leave the responsibility to the wise hands of a professional hairdresser, who will not irreversibly damage the hair.

How long should we wait before washing our hair again?

“It depends on what we expect from it”, advises the hairstylist. “For a straighter effect, better not wash it before 3 days. If we just want an anti-frizz effect, we can wash it right away.”
Of course, the hair needs constant attention. That is why we chose keratin cleansings, and therefore why it is better to use sulfate-free shampoos or, once a week at least, a restoring mask that we’ll leave for 20 minutes to one hour. You won’t believe how shiny your hair can get!

How should we take care of the hair after a keratin treatment?

“It’s quite easy to maintain!”, just using sulfate-free or paraben-free shampoos, so that it will keep being hydrated. Choosing the right hair care tools is quite important too: “a good hair dryer, with heat and speed control, and a professional hair iron if you want to create waves without harming it”.
Furthermore, as the hair needs good hydration, it would be wise to include serums and masks to our washing routine. And to use the right brush to evenly spread the heat while drying or straightening it.

Hoping you found here all the answers you needed, we wish you and your hair the best treatments!

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