4 Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair

4 Simple Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair

Oh frizz! It’s the daily enemy of your perfect hair day. Pretty much every hair type struggles with frizz, from straight strands that go fly away to curls that grow into messy poofs. Let us tame your mane and keep hair in line. Here are our tips for reducing frizz throughout your day:

1. Apply a frizz-fighting product when styling your hair. Ask your stylist for a serum or spray that is the right fit for your hair. If you heat style with a blow dryer or flat iron, look for a product with heat protection built in.

2. Don’t play with your hair during the day. It’s easy to absent mindedly pull, twist, or twirl your hair while at work. But, this only strains and stresses your tresses which amps up the frizz factor. Instead, style your hair in a way to keep it in check throughout the day and avoid messing with it.

3. Check the weather. Seems like a silly one, but the environment can really wreak havoc on your hair. If it looks like a rainy or hot and humid day, choose a hairstyle that is sure to last. We recommend a half up-half down do, messy bun, or sleek ponytail.

4. Keep it conditioned. Regularly conditioning your hair keeps the strands healthy and moisturized. You should be using conditioner in the shower at least 2-3 times per week. And, if you are especially prone to frizz especially those with curly hair, consider spraying a leave-in conditioner on to maximum moisture and minimize poof.

The battle of frizzy hair may be never ending, but you can take steps to keep it at bay.

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